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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate Academy Building
Donate Ann Haworth Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Artesian Chess Fund
Donate Art Sanctuary Management Fund
Donate A Senior Retreat Senior Services Fund
Donate Baby Brody Pendill Scholarship Fund
Donate Barbara B. Jordan YMCA Independence Fund
Donate Barbara B. Jordan YMCA Maintenance and Upgrade Fund
Donate Barry Schroeder Fund
Donate Becky Sonnega Fund
Donate Ben Elo Family Philanthropic Fund
Donate Benjamin Elo Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donate Be the Good in Mooresville Fund
Donate Bob Staggs Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Charles F. & Olive B. Flater Scholarship Fund
Donate Charles T. Amy Memorial Fund
Donate Cheryl Owens Scholarship Fund
Donate Christian Campers Fund
Donate Churches in Mission Fund
Donate City of Martinsville- 4th of July Fireworks and Events
Donate City of Martinsville-Jimmy Nash City Park Fund
Donate City of Martinsville Mayor's Youth Council Fund
Donate City of Martinsville Safe Haven Baby Box Fund
Donate Clara Kirk Education Endowment Fund
Donate Coaches and Friends for the Military Fund
Donate Community Foundation of Morgan County Building Fund
Donate Community Service Center of Morgan County, Inc. (Wellspring) Fund
Donate Conservancy District's Sediment Mitigation Project
Donate Cooperstown-Bound Youth Baseball Fund
Donate Cory Lane Foundation Fund
Donate COVID-19 Emergency Fund
Donate Dax Leo Brodhacker's Dream Fund
Donate Desert Rose Operating Endowment Fund
Donate Devin Wade Deaton Memorial Fund
Donate Dorothy Asher Scholaship Fund
Donate Downtown Martinsville Landscape Improvement Fund
Donate Edwards Fund for Historic Preservation
Donate Ellis Robinson/First Christian Church Scholarship Fund for Fellowship of Christian Athletes
Donate Emily Carolyn Mills Endowment Fund
Donate Emily Downey Memorial Fund
Donate Eminence Alumni Association Scholarship Fund
Donate Eric Pierce Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Fables and Fairy Tales Scholarship
Donate Festival of Lights
Donate Fred C. Tullis & Edith N. Tullis Humane Society Fund
Donate Freeman Goss Scholarship Fund
Donate Fresh Way Farm Fund
Donate Fund in Memory of Meredith Knieper
Donate Gary & Ruth Oakes Community Support Fund
Donate Gordon Leigh Speer Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Greg Hubler Automotive Group
Donate Gunner Burnam Foundation Fund
Donate Gunner Burnam Fund
Donate Gwynn Wilkins Camp Scholarship Fund
Donate Habitat for Humanity of Morgan County Endowment Fund
Donate Haven Endowment Fund for Prevention
Donate Henry E. Pearcy Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Hubert Bastin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Hunter Acton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Impact Grant Making Fund
Donate Indianapolis Crimson Knights Football Fund
Donate Jennifer Tipmore Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Jeremy Gunter Children's Cancer Fund
Donate Jody Donovan Memorial Fund
Donate Joe Beikman Scholarship Fund
Donate John E. Koontz Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Judge James E. Harris Scholarship for Children in Need Endowment Fund
Donate Justin & Bonita Conduitt Marley Scholarship Fund
Donate Kaitlyn Fulkerson Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Knobstone Hiking Trail Association Fund - Operating Fund
Donate Knobstone Hiking Trail Association - Land Fund
Donate Komets Soccer Club Fund
Donate League of Miracles of Morgan County Fund
Donate Lilly Scholarship Promotional Grant Fund
Donate Lilly VII Matching Grant
Donate Linda Huttsell Academic Scholarship Fund
Donate Loving Bri Fund
Donate M1 Marvel Endowment Fund
Donate Madison Township Community Outreach Fund
Donate Maggie Grounds Scholarship Fund
Donate Manley Family Endowment Fund
Donate Martinsville City of Mineral Water Sign Fund
Donate Martinsville High School Quarterback Club Fund
Donate Martinsville Junior Football League Fund
Donate Martinsville Rotary Scholarship Endowment Fund
Donate Martinsville Youth Center Fund
Donate Martinsville Youth Development Center Endowment Fund
Donate Mary A."Sal" Hench Wildwood Dam Conservancy District Fund
Donate MCS Gift Fund
Donate Meaghan Buis Fund for Eminence
Donate Meaghan Buis Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Memory of Dr. Julia Foster & In Tribute to Jeff Hunsucker
Donate Meredith Knieper Memorial Scholarship
Donate Monroe-Gregg Education Plate Fund
Donate Mooresville Band Parents Music Scholars Fund
Donate Mooresville Bible Club
Donate Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation Educational Foundation Fund
Donate Mooresville Consolidated School Corporation Educational Technology Fund (Lic Pl)
Donate Mooresville Fire Department Vehicle Restoration
Donate Mooresville High School Alumni Association General Fund
Donate Mooresville High School Alumni Scholarship Fund
Donate Mooresville Kiwanis Curry Overton Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Mooresville Main Street
Donate Mooresville Veterans Memorial Fund
Donate Mooresville Youth Softball Association
Donate Morgan County A Team - Year 8
Donate Morgan County Autism Foundation Fund
Donate Morgan County Bridges Out of Poverty Fund
Donate Morgan County Chaplains Fund
Donate Morgan County Coalition for Literacy, Inc. Fund
Donate Morgan County Disaster Relief Fund
Donate Morgan County EMS Association, Inc. Fund
Donate Morgan County Fallen Officers Fund
Donate Morgan County Fallen Officers Memorial Fun
Donate Morgan County Farmers Market Association
Donate Morgan County Health, Recreation, Environmental Fund
Donate Morgan County High School Bass Fishing Fund
Donate Morgan County Historic Preservation Society Fund
Donate Morgan County History Partnership Fund
Donate Morgan County Loves Local
Donate Morgan County Park & Recreation
Donate Morgan County Project Lifesaver Fund
Donate Morgan County Senior Advocates Fund
Donate Morgan County Sertoma Club Inc. Endowment
Donate Morgan County Soil And Water Conservation District Fund
Donate MSD of Martinsville Educational Foundation Endowment
Donate MSD of Martinsville Educational Foundation Operating Fund
Donate MSD of Martinsville Endowed Scholarship Fund
Donate Mt. Olive Manufacturing Elementary School Experimental Learning Fund
Donate Mt. Olive Manufacturing - Mooresville High School Advanced Manufacturing Partnership Fund
Donate Music Missions Fund
Donate Myra Hochstetler Fund Myra M. HochstettlerEndowment Fund
Donate Never Too Late Scholarship Fund
Donate Newburn-Asher Scholarship Fund
Donate Newby Gym Endowment Fund
Donate Nue Origin Fund
Donate Operating Endowment Fund
Donate Operating Fund
Donate Orville & Dorothy Asher Endowment for the Barbara B. Jordan YMCA
Donate Owen L. Prescott and Dorothea I. Prescott Scholarship Fund
Donate Parallel Pathways Fund
Donate Pass It On Scholarship
Donate Phillip and Carol McAteer Education Fund in Memory of Charles and Vivian Kennedy of Charleston, West Virginia
Donate Project Kindness, Inc. Fund
Donate Project Playground Fund
Donate Quality of Life of Morgan County Fund
Donate RecX Fund
Donate Robert D Blue Jr. Endowment Fund for Career Guidance and Education
Donate Robert D. St. Clair Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Ross Truax Fund for Weekday Religious Education of Morgan County
Donate Sara Ryan Memorial Scholarship for Elementary Education Fund
Donate Scholarship Fund of Morgan County
Donate Sergeant Dan Starnes Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Spirit of 45 Fund
Donate SSG. Wm. Ryan Fritsche Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Standing with Orphans
Donate Stephanie's Fund for the Boys and Girls Club of Morgan County Operating Endowment
Donate Stephen and Susan Leonard Donor Advised Fund
Donate Stephen & Susan Leonard Community Fund
Donate Steve Carrell Endowment for the Arts
Donate Steven Lee Robert Terrell Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Stierwalt Scholarship Fund
Donate Ted and Berta Romine/Monrovia Masonic Lodge #654 Scholarship Fund
Donate Temporary Holding for Endowment fund
Donate Temporary Non-Permanent Fund
Donate The Claire Cook and Helen York Cook Endowment Fund for the Mooresville Public Library
Donate The Haven Youth Center Endowment Fund
Donate The John and Mary Gilbert Memorial Scholarship
Donate The Link Observatory Space Science Institute Fund for STEM Programs in Morgan County
Donate The Missing Piece Campaign Fund
Donate TOA-USA Scholarship Fund
Donate Tracks 4 Vets
Donate Velma M. Hackelman-Mendenhall Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Vets 4 Vets Fund
Donate Waldo's Muttley Crew Animal Rescue Fund
Donate Waverly Park and Rec Fund
Donate Weekday Religious Education Endowment Fund
Donate YMCA Endowment Fund